Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Starving? Never.

I haven't purged since Monday or so. But I haven't pooed either, so I need to go get some laxatives.

I'm not purposely starving myself all the time. A lot of the time I just don't feel the hunger anymore.

I'll weigh on Friday. Though I already know I'm lower than the 135lbs by my birthday goal. I wonder if I'll be at 130lbs...

It's getting harder now. Samir knows I'm being sick and keeps doing things like going straight into the bathroom after dinner. But it makes me all the more determined. I need to be perfect for him. I need to be perfect for me.

Tits and Banter say I've become more womanly in my  figure. I've actually lost over half a stone in two weeks. Hooded jumpers make a welcome return.

I'm playing the game. But am I winning or losing?

Dear me, get it out quicker.
Let's lie again... You loved your dinner.

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  1. It has been awhile, and I'm sorry you still haven't found out who anoy is! I miss reading your posts, they always make me feel like I'm not the only one!


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