Friday, 30 October 2009

What I'm All About... TwigsCanFly :)

My name is Hazel and I'm a Fat Bitch.

I'm 16 years old, 5 foot 8 1/2, and 138lbs. I eat too much - honestly.
Being turkish it's slightly hard not to; it sounds a terrible excuse, but from now on I wont let it get in my way. Restriction is the key. Thin I shall be.

I'm going to count down, do it as a reward. Every goal I reach, I'll allow myself to do something which makes me happy. I'm not sure what in far advance, but goal number 1:

135lbs. Reward: A stretcher for my ear.

Rules: Once I have reached that goal I must wait two days, to ensure it isn't water weight. If after the two days I haven't put the weight back on, then I can cross of my goal and get my reward.

Sound fair?

Today I shall eat no more than 1250 calories. It does seem a stupidly large amount, but if I commence heavy restrictions right away then my body will cling on the the parasitic fat I'm putting into my body.

And I must do a minimum of 500 conditioning. Conditioning being sit-ups, press-ups, V-sits etcc.

I'm going to do this :D

Love you all dears; remember Twigs Can Fly!


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  1. Hi! So I've just started reading your blog. WOW, what I would give to be 5 foot 8 1/2 :-) Fabulous... I think this is a wonderful plan! I'm looking forward to catching up with your successes :-) x


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