Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Competition has begun!

I weighed mysef at exactly 12:01 am and was 138lbs. This morning I arose and I have lost exactly 1lb! It is not anything major, but I intend to have hit the 120s by the time this competition is over!

All hail "embracing beauty" for coming up with the idea! Or even just posting it on on the internet. I fully intend to use this to strive towards my goals.

Well I'm working at the petshop today, so I reckon it wont be too hard for me to work through lunch, plus I'll be on my feet/doing physical work most of today.

Yesterdays calorie intake was around 800. Not too bad... but it was all carb based. I'm going to slowly cut the carbs out, I can feel them on my hips and thighs. I'm going to my nan's house today, and I know she'll have cooked a massive meal - so I'm going to fall asleep :D

Its not exactly an ingenious plan, but it'll work. I'm fantastic, what can I say :P.

I'll make 250 today's absolute limit. I'm going on a liquids fast for the next 3 days. Then I'll have a day of 500 calories, then I'll fast for a further 3 days. I can feel thin approaching. If I am forced to eat, I will eat 1/4 of what I am given, or a piece of fruit.

Thin is what I strive to. I want to show everybody that I am strong. I want to show them that it doesn't matter how many times they knock me down, they will still become envious of me.

I want to be the girl that turns heads when she walks past. I want to be the girl that all of the girls love yet envy.

This is not an eating disorder. This is a way of life.

Think thin ladies, and remember: Twigs Can Fly.


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