Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fact: I'm Thinner Than Yesterday!

Right girlies, I weighed myself this morning and I was 136.4lbs! I'm losing weight and loving it, perhaps I really will reach my goal of the 120s by the time the competition is over :)

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle though :( I ate more than I should have, because I was constantly having to eat in front of people. Here's my intake for yersterday:

* Half of a pudding cup [150 calories]
* A bowl of boiled spinach [approx 75 calories]
* A few forkfuls of birthday cake. [too many calories]

I also have a confession to make :( Last night I had a mini binge and ate most of a 140g bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate. That's about 600 calories in one go. :( What a fat pig I am. So much for the fast.

But today is a new day. I will plan today down to every last calorie and activity. The only thing that saved me yesterday was the amount of physical work I did at the petshop, along with the 45 minutes of walking around and trick or treating I did. Funnily enough though, I'm not really tempted to eat those sweets. I've put the hard candies to one side and they'l be my sugar rush when needed.

Today I will eat only fruit, unless put under pressure in front of others to do other wise. Fruit fast... Sounds catchy :) I will eat peaches, pineapples, and apples, but only when I feel I am going to drop. I have something to prove to myself today.

And on a more anoying note; my dad came down to see me last night. The mere sight of him makes my skin crawl. And I don't know when he's going to leave. At least this means that my increasing time spent either in my room or out the house is acceptable.

Goals for today! I shall play a minimum of 45 minutes on WiiFit, and eat a maximum of 400 calories. I shall drink as little as I need to, and only water or herbal teas :)

Think thin girls, and remember: Twigs Can Fly!


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