Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twigs Can Flyyy.

All in all, not a bad day :) I reckon I've had around 400 calories, and I spent around an hour exercising at my weights and fitness class, not to mention the countless amount of times I've been up and down stairs at college, or romping around with my boyfriend in the common room. So yeahh, it's been alright.

I still feel like crap though >.<  I started smoking again last week thursday, i know it's not exactly a good thing, but it's very rarely and it staves off my hunger :) It's like I've forgotten what hungry feels like, but I know I'm running on empty. The feeling is fantastic... Lightheaded, as if I'm flying. In case anyone hadn't figured it out yet, I want to be light enough to fly :) Like a Twig caught in the wind.

My legs jiggle still, and I really don't like it. I'm going to start measuring, but I think I'll do it in centimeters rather than inches because centimeters end up with larger numbers. I already know that my thighs are around 13-14 inches, which doesn't seem so bad when looking at the numbers, but in centimeters it seems more like the way it looks. So centimeters it is :)

I really do miss Prince :( It's his funeral on the 30th so I'm probably going to be a bit rahrahrah, but what can you do eh? Y'know, he was actually the only guy I'd ever met that hated chocolate, he would literally heave at the sight of the stuff! Once we paid him £5 to eat an oreo, and he was gagging all the way!

I'm going to follow his example, an early lent perhaps. I'm abstaining from all forms of chocolate untill the 13th of December. A month since he's died. Then I'll carry on and see if I want to make it any longer. 

Think thin ladies, and remember: Twigs Can Fly :)


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  1. measuring in cm is better because then the numbers seem to go down quicker!

    wow, didn't like chocolate? Good luck giving it up! You can do it! You'll be floating in no time =P
    stay strong


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