Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Joy of Running On Empty...

Is it just me who thrives on the feeling of emptiness? Every time my stomach has cramped up today, I've smiled, because I know that my body is literally eating itself. I love it. I've eating exactly 296 calories today and I don't intend on eating anymore - however I'm not stupidly oblivious to the fact that my mum has cooked, so I'm allowing for another 100 calories tops!

I've been on my feet all day today running around and lifting heavy things, so here's to hoping I've burned off a fair amount :). I've also been thinking a lot today, and I want to apologise for my extremely negative blog yesterday: I just wasn't in the best of moods and that was the only way for me to get it out :( I'm ashamed of myself for it.

On a brighter note, tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and I am bridesmaid. This of course means that from 11am I will be having hair done, being preened etc - leaving no time for food! My plan for the reception is when the food comes, I'll be going to the toilet! I'll also be taking a decent sized handbag so I can slip food into it when no one is looking :)

I'm slightly worried about tomorrow though because turkish weddings are always all about the carbs/fatty meats. Oh gosh. Wish me luck girls!

Well I'ma go off and surf all of your lovely blogs now and then finish reading my book. Note to all: check out "The Invisible Girl" by Peter Barham and Alan Hurndall - it's a bloody fantastic account of how one of the strongest girls ever known was able to restrict her food, look fantastic, and still have a fantastic career :)   Of course it all gets too much at the end and she doesn't live through it (it wouldn't be published otherwise), but it helped me learn a lot :)

Think thin girlies, and remember: Twigs Can Fly :)



  1. glad you're feeling better! I love being empty too, it lets me know something is happening!

    stay strong,

  2. Feeling empty is the best feeling. It's great knowing that because you haven't eaten your body is eating itself. And also, a little bit of a crazy thing to think about!

    I hope the wedding goes well. Stay strong, I hope you manage to avoid all the horrible food.



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