Sunday, 9 January 2011


I got extraordinarily hammered last night. 6 vodka shots, 10 pints of fosters, and no food since my sandwich at lunchtime the day before that. I was ofc sick. And alco-sick is the worst kind.

Though it's the first time I've been sick so far this year and not induced it. I'm trying to make myself eat now, a 150cal tin of sardines. But I'm worried that I may just throw it away, or throw it up.

I guess I can't stay away from blogger. But I wish I could stay away from myself. I miss Jacob somewhat. I don't know what's going on in my mind, but I don't like the place I'm in.


  1. every time i said i was going to leave blogger i ended up coming right back. like now, again.

    i hope you get out of that place dear. and quickly. i think i know the one you are talking about, and it isn't good.

    love always, xo

  2. I got unbelievably wasted this weekend, too. Except I wasn't sick. At least you managed to throw up those calories!
    Don't try to stay away from yourself. As much as it seems easier, it's the way you get lost.
    You'll get out of that place soon, my love! Good things are always on our paths, we just have to keep moving towards them.

  3. OMG haha. I would have been quite hammered on that combination of things, as well. But I agree that alco-sick IS the worst kind. Yuckkk.

    The only way to stay away from yourself is to change yourself. Then you can't be around the parts you don't like, because they won't exist anymore!

  4. I was so hung over Christmas Eve. My mom took care of me.
    Hilarious times. Hope you feel better <3 I always have sour stomach days afterwards....


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