Monday, 26 September 2011

Getting better.

I'm getting better, I know this. But I can recover and lose weight too. That's what I'll do.

Just to stop the voices crashing and the tears rolling
down my face
Just for the little smiles, my one saving grace.
I'll eat a little and exercise some more,
I'm not starving.
I'm not starving.

As long as I don't purge, it's okay. Right?

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  1. beautiful :) thank you for my comment. I figure we're in about the same place right now-- we know what is right and wrong. We recognize that we have irrational and rational thoughts inside us, and now is the time for us to choose which to listen to. We know what we must do to be healthy individuals for years to come. We can still be a healthy weight, we can still lose weight. Tons of people do it in a healthy way, a more enjoyable way, than what we're used to. We're on the road to healing.
    Lets be rational, my level-headed, smart songbird :)


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