Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dinosaur (:

No more weightloss. Not for now.

I'm getting married in January ladies, and I have a baby on the way. I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and I have to get this right. I know a lot of mums call the baby tadpole, but it really does look like a dinosaur.

Because of my weight issues, and having had a bmi of around 17.5 when I found out I was pregnant, my pregnancy is high risk. I've miscarried before and I'm going to do everything I damn well can to get this right.

So I eat now. Whenever I eat a voice in my mind screams at me that I'm doing wrong. Whenever I'm full my head pounds the steady drum of words - This Will Not Stay Down. Whenever I look in the mirror at the little bump I now have, sometimes I want to cry.

But I'm not going to be sick, and I mustn't cry. I have to eat for my baby.
So for now, my bmi is 21.5. And I'm proud.


  1. i love this !
    hope u have an amazing pregnancy and marriage its all so exciting :)

  2. Congrats! You are doing the right thing by eating for your baby :) Jsut keep in mind that you are keeping a child alive by eating, you can lose weight later on if you want to after the baby is here.

  3. You'll do GREAT. Your baby will change your life so much! (I thought mine looked like a dinosaur too, and when he got bigger we would growl at him and he would kick my ribs :p) It's hard looking in the mirror and seeing your belly get bigge4r, and there's nothing you can do about it. But I was already back down to my pre-pregnancy weight 3 weeks after the baby was born (breast feeding works miracles!!) Good luck to you, and feed that baby dammit! ;)

  4. congratulations!
    a wedding and a baby! I can't imagine how happy you must be! I've never been pregnant but I guess this is right for you and your body! have fun being able to eat! congrats again :)

  5. the baba gone die

  6. ^^ you sick freak. leave her alone. she's happy and you're jealous. peace out.

  7. Congratulations! Lots of good news! And so glad to hear that you are able to be healthy :) Keep it up!

  8. It has been awhile since I have bloged myself. I always loved your writing, and sad to see that you haven't been, but I understand. I wanted to say CONGRATS! and hope for the best for your soon-to-be family. I also admire your strength, and don't forget all the wonderful people who deeply care about you.

  9. When the voice screams that you're doing something wrong, just imagine holding your baby when it's born and knowing that you're doing everything RIGHT! The voice is the one who is wrong. Hang in there and keep up the amazing progress. I'm so happy for you (:!

  10. I am so proud of you! Thanks for being there for me all those months back. You have come such a long way and survived through this long and painful journey. Congratulations on getting married and your baby. Eating properly to protect your loved ones is a wonderful reason to get healthy again. Keep strong. I have faith in you and know that things will turn out beautifully. :']


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