Sunday, 4 July 2010


I eat the cheescake you left downstairs, it was me that finished the flake. You bought me food after work, even though a mate had just given me a smartie cookie. Every time you give me food, I spiral out of control. Thankyou mother, thankyou very much.

It has come to my attention that my last post was kinda deep. I just re-read it and realised that I did the three voices, and I've never really acknowledged them like that before. It's odd. At least it was poemy and floaty.

My friend Ronald discovered my tumblr and is worried about his Zelh ): That makes me sad, because more and more people are seeming to find out. It's not that I can't hide it, it's that I'm making them sad. People shouldn't be sad because of me - the precise thing I'm doing is taking things out on myself, so that I don't make them sad. This is all wrong.

I'm 136lbs and bleeding. I want to be the 127lb 5"10 me again. That was fun. I'm fasting, as of now.


  1. i just went back and read your last post because i missed it somehow.

    wow, that's all i can say. oh and that i'm sorry because those voices are maddening and cruel and you are lovely and don't deserve thir rath.

    yes, we take things out on ourselves to stop us hurting others. yet, as you said, it never seems to work out this way ...wrong, wrong, wrong. i wish i could tell you how to fix things. i guess start with yourself and work out.


  2. Darling, I know where you're coming from. It's scary, isn't it? People finding out and them becoming so sad over it. What is even more scary is that we don't understand why they're sad over us. Do you ever wonder what its like to not be plagued by those cruel, horrible voices? I do.
    Sorry, was just venting. ;]

  3. Guess what?!
    I got Sykpe.
    Mine is: scaryclairy
    I'll add you.


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