Friday, 30 July 2010

Text message to father.

You're a lying bastard and I hate you when you're like this. When are you just going to grow up and realise that not only are you not some sort of gangster, but you need to stop snorting drugs and be a fucking dad again. This means spending time with us, not money on us.

Consider this me telling you that I never want any contact with you again. I want a dad, not a smackhead.

Oh my. I wonder what he'll think of that. He'll either be angry and come and beat the shit out of me, attempt to get sober, or be so coked up that he won't give a flying fuck that his daughter just swore at him repeatedly.


  1. Oh wow... That takes guts, girly! I'm proud of you for finally telling him how you really feel! Let's hope it's neither and he actually takes it to heart, though I know that's probably hard to imagine right now.

    I was diagnosed as anorexic. It's weird, because I thought you had to be UNDERweight, but she said that my restricting tendencies give cause for alarm. So apparently you aren't the only one worried about me. Thanks for the support, though.
    Stay strong, keep going on.
    Violet :)
    PS: good to hear back from you! I was starting to worry.

  2. yes.
    well done on saying that. you are brave and so strong, wow, well done.

  3. Good for you to standing up to him. A father needs to hear the truth.

  4. good job telling him how you feel
    i cant write much becuase i literally have to leave for work right now but sweetie...something i talked with my therapist about the other day was my dad and he talked about mindfulness. do you know anything about mindfulness. we talk about it a lot and it is soo amazing.
    but one of the things that we need to learn how to do is accept. and its hard. its not easy but once we accept. once we accept our weight (doesnt mean it wont change but once we accept it--we'll be happier) once we accept the fact that our dads are not going to change we will be happier. doesnt mean he won't change. he'll have to probably go through lots of therapy and get help to change but once we accept the fact that it is how it is so you are not disappointed or dont continue to get angry or upset or just frustrated that you dont have the father you deserve, that you want etc etc it won't help the sitution and wont make you any happier. so try to work on "acceptance" it is a hard thing. that is if you like the idea of it and think it would help
    idk i wanted to comment.
    hope what i said is okay.
    idk sweetie. hang in there <3 im here for you


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