Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Momma, I just killed a man.

No I didn't, my dad did. And if I go to the police and tell them, I'll be kicked out by my family.

My dad turned up last night, high off coke having been driving. My mum then proceeded to get into the car with him and allow him to drive. He tried to come into the house too. I just shut the door on him.

My creativity is dying guys, it makes me feel like my time on this blog is up.


  1. i'm pretty sure nothing i can say will help right now, i'm out of my depth... don't know about you.

    stay though, i'd miss you. lots.

    i want to know about you. you. *hugs* xo

  2. like quinn i don't know what to say. but i'll always be here to listen (or in this case, read) whatever, whenever.
    i don't want you to leave, i'd miss you. a lot. so please don't.
    sending a boxful of bear hugs. and love.

  3. i am so sorry... holy man. i'm at a loss of words. i'm so sorry.

  4. wow, that sounds extremely similar to my past...

    and hey, please forgive whatever it is that i said in any comments on your blogs, i do not know, it wasnt me. ive had an extremely rough week, my boyfriend found my blog and out of hurt and frustration said things to a few of my followers, as me. please read my blog and follow me again, it explains everything that has gone on. i am deeply sorry please dont hate me!


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