Friday, 20 August 2010

Fuck up.

Results day. To put the long story short, I got CDDE. I'm taking a C and a D through to A2 level, and I'm retaking the other D and the E. I'ma start Drama AS too, so that in my 3rd year I've still got 3AS to continue onto Alevel. It sucks.

In my post results crying haze, I ate a shitload. Well, I say shitload it was more like 500-600 calories. However much it was, I'ma back up to 133lbs from 131lbs. I also had 24 laxatives, so I'm having to not go into work tomorrow. Plus side, my mum told me not to eat until the runs subside. She doesn't know it's because of the laxies. I don't know what it is, but I'm managing to fool myself into thinking that I'm normal so long as I'm not throwing up again. Laxies don't count, do they?

I'm not eating until I hit 131lbs again. I'm dying my hair red today instead.

LOL EPIC FAILAGE. This is an edit, and I just ate chinese and icecream. Mmh.


  1. i know you will always be there.
    i've never tried chinese before.
    red hair, lovely!

  2. i love you, so much. i wish we could just figure this out and be happy with ourselves.

    your grades aren't awful, they are what i came out with in my as levels, and in the end i left college with an A, a B, and a C and i'm at uni now and i'm getting there and it may have taken longer than i thought it would but please don't worry, things will get better. i hope that makes sense i just want to reassure you that things do get better and things are getting better and that i love you xo

  3. snap! after i got my results, i ate so much. then got so drunk, then woke up the next morning feeling like a shit person. :/
    bellajoan is right, it gets better in Alevels,
    so basically next year we have to work our butts off!!!
    and hun i know you will get to 131lbs soon. i beilive in you!! xxxxxx


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