Monday, 1 March 2010

Alive But Dying. I own these quotes. Do not attempt to use them without seeking my permission.

"Drag yourself up by the fingernails, don't look back and I won't let you fall. I'll give it my all, just show me you'll do the same"

"I count each breathe you take as a blessing. Let's stay in this place, safe in your arms I'll be till you're taken away from me"
"Whispers guided me through the darkness, but now the innocence is gone. Determination led me through, but now my battle to live is wrong"

"Because if I survive this pain, this test of will, because of I win then maybe peace is my prize"

"My scars are fading but I'm starting to again feel this longing from within. A tug of the tide, my heart tears in two. I'm growing wings"
"Because when your arms cage me, I feel safely imprisoned. Because when our faces are close I know I'm your only line of vision"

"I can't see straight, I can't breathe right - so lead me through. I know you're the only one that can get me through, but it's you that got me here in the first place"
"When I se the way they look at you it churns me up. When I see the way you're looking back I think "disappear" "

"Close my eyes and count to ten. This sickened game takes no prisoners"

"I haven't dealt with it but I've survived and I supposed now that it's the nest I can do. So as I lay and feel this twisted love, just know I'm secretly imagining your touch"
"Each time the number gets larger, I cry harder, try harder. Another part of mr seems to die faster. On the days that I win I know I'm closer to happiness. Because when I don't eat I know it's in to be thin"

"I find peace in the simplicity of knowing that one day I'll cut too deep. That maybe one day she'll actually cry for me and mean it. Blood iis my safety net"

"My soul will be pure. Annihilation of evil. Why can't you keep me here with you? I will be beautiful. Just keep me here with you"

"Yes sometimes I thrive on being empty. Because when I'm empty I don't have to feel a single thing"

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