Sunday, 3 October 2010


Okay, Beefeater is basically like a gastro-pub, for those of you who were confused by my last pub. It's like Harvester or Steakhouse. It's pretty damn epic too ^.^

It was a pretty cool night, and I whilst I may be slightly kicking myself for my intake, I don't entirely regret it. I also stayed up late last night with my mum; we are the cool people who watch X Factor at 1am, because we were too busy earlier on in the day. EPIC.

I don't feel as peppy as yesterday, but I'm trying hard to come across that way. People told me they miss the old me; only thing is, that I don't remember who I made her to be.

If you could have your ideal personality, what would it be? And remember that this isn't about looks - this about your inner beauty.


  1. i wish i was outgoing and confident and sure of myself. but i wouldn't want to be stuck up or anything like that. basically i want to be the opposite that i am.

    what about you?

    ps - i feel comfortable today. outside of home. that is good.

  2. I wish I was more... normal. I'm kind of bipolar, so I think it'd be nice to have simple emotions, yanno? I'm really outgoing and crazy as of now. And you? But whatever it is we want, it'll be easy when we're happy and thin!

  3. inner beauty? i've never had much of that, either. i've come to terms with my bitchy personality. so we're good. thanks for explaining beefeater before i could start picturing hairy men in scotland having an eating contest. glad you had a good night. stay strong, darling.

  4. im fine with eating around 700. i dont find the need to binge with that. just finding out that that coffee was 500 calories just put me on the completely wrong foot.... then i gave up, y'know? but its a new day and current intake: 0. but i just woke up. haha.
    honestly, im fine with my personality right now. the only thing i would change is i would prefer to be less emotional. it gets really irritating when im arguing with someone and i start sobbing.


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