Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fasting for thirty days.

Oh how I love having been born a muslim. I can fast during Ramdhan and no one can question my reasoning.
I don't believe in God.

How can he be there when we walk, trailing bleeding wrists. When our stomach are stretched beyond repair.
When people are dying and no body cares, how can he be?

How can he be there when our tears are falling, and stomachs are heaving. When yet another lie is told:
"I'm okay". But how can you be?

Our bodies rot, but we aren't dead. Not really.
We walk and we talk and we laugh empty laughs. But our souls aren't here. Not really.

So don't wax lyrical about the Man Above, when children are dying, and marriage isn't love,
Don't tell me He's watching, and he has a plan and he's there. How can he be?

So now it's thirty days of soul cleansing fasting?
Ha, I'll meet you in Hell. We'll see who's laughing.


  1. Good luck fasting! I wish I could get away with fasting. I'm atheist. I have never fasted for religious reasons (or fake religious reasons). And they (parents/family/friends/ect.) would find it odd and question it if I started now.

  2. Good luck with fasting my friend's doing that at the moment at hates it. And that speech/poem is really powerful and I completely agree 100%
    And btw your comment on my blog made me burst out laughing so thank you :) xx

  3. Just cos you're mentally ill does not mean you can blame a faith you clearly do no believe and at the same time abuse a faith to justify you mentally sick and disgusting actions.

    You need help. Like seriously, go see a doctor.

  4. Yo anon,

    Stop being a pussy. I'm cleary not falsifying the idea of faith, I just think that the way religion portrays God to be is bullshit.

    So fuck off, go educate yourself, and maybe try studying philosophy.


    P.S. Go fuck yourself. Zero tolerance to people who have no academic abilities what so ever.


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