Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hello Life, I Seem To Have Found You Again.

I'm actually doing pretty okay (: Weigh in at 136lbs, so I'm almost at my first mini goal to get down to 123lbs, and I have my day planned out entirely! It goes music, music whilst revising, buy laxatives from the pharmacy, tidy my room a smidge, play with my guinea pigs and start my photography portfolio. Eating doesn't really come into it today (: Maybe I'll just rely on fruit!

I'm extremely excited to tell you all that I'm seeing Aerosmith on the 15th at o2! Yes, THE Aerosmith! Standing seats ofc and I hope I don't get mauled about by the moshers. Any of you by any chance going to any gigs anytime soon? I'm also hoping to go to see the prodigy at Milton Keynes Bowl next June. 

I've kind of decided that I AM going to get back into my music, because it's something that makes me happy. So tralalalalala I win. This year and next will most definately be gig-filled. I reckon as many of us as possible should go to download next year actually. FUNTIMES.

I love you all lots (:


  1. ahh music is my life to awesome :)
    went to Cs gig last night it was awesome
    they are thinking of touring scotland this year hopefully and then summer 2011 england aswell if we are anywhere near you have to come (ive decided im being their roadie yeah )
    i may be up for download off to my first festval june 11th (rockness) if its awesome id so be up for download :)

  2. wayhay to things that make us happy :)

  3. Ergh, SO jealous of the Aerosmith gig!
    I went Download last year, was meant to go this year but didn't.
    Oh gosh, it's amazing :D

  4. How often do you use laxies? Do they work? Because I can't purge by sticking my finger down my throat and I need something to get rid of the binged weight. Also, I'm going to the Bamboozle Roadshow-a series of 13 bands- it'll be amazing! <3 By the way, you are SO lucky to be 136!!!! That's my fucking goal weight! Keep going though! You're almost at yours and I hope you reach it!

  5. Thanks for answering my question, btw. I'm still looking into using them, because I'd rather not have those kinds of reactions... I've already made myself sick, so my parents are probly watching me. I really appreciate the comment though! :)


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