Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Veratile blogger award (:

Thanks to the AMAZING "a.beautiful.mess" for this award. She's a lovely (:

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers– in no particular order– who are fantastic in some way.

4. Drop by and let your ten new friends know you admire them.

Hmm seven things...

1) I fall in love quickly, but it takes me longer to trust people. Trusting people almost never happens.

2) I currently absolutely fucking DESPISE noodles. I swear, it's the only thing I can eat, and whilst ordinarily it'd be all cool... I HATE THEM. Even the word. Bleurgh.

3) I have a dog called Jessie. Wait, it's not as boring as it sounds. Jessie is the living embodiment of the cliche - she's attacked seven postmen. Oh the lols. Apologies to any postmen reading this, but y'know it's kinda funny thinking of a foot high middle aged (7 years) dog, attatching herself to the clothing of multiple postmen.

4) My father makes my skin crawl. What with his cocaine sniffing, dating girl closer to my own age than his, and constant lies. It just makes me sick. Yes I know I may be a slight hypocrite, but at least I know when to stop. See the next bullet point if you're confused xD

5) I have taken cocaine and smoke copious amounts of weed. But I promised Rasmus (boyfriend) that I wouldn't do anymore hard drugs. Even though I have a list of everything I want to try, which pretty much includes everything that isn't crack, heroin or crystal meth. I prolly will still try them, just keeping it a secret. Next on the list... ACID ladies and gentlemen.

6) I have a stalkerish love of James Corden. I actually cried when I found out he was engaged with a baby on the way. I've been deeply in love with him since I first saw him appear as Smithy on Gavin and Stacey. He makes me quiver.

and finally...

7) I find jokes about turkish people excrutiatingly funny. I'm always asking my mum when she's going to marry her cousin. And don't hate... I'm ALLOWED xD

Now  the bloggers I'm going to give this to are (in no particular order):

* A Journey to Bones
* Behind the Fat
* Teach Me How To Love Myself
* Deer&Wolves
* Maigre, S'il Vous Plait
* Control
* Mosaic.Heart

Y'all are amazing (: <3


  1. You're an absolute angel, and when I get on a computer I WILL post this to my blog :).
    Is your dad Charlie Sheen?
    I want to try coke, but I have no way of getting it. Damn being a 17 year old science student.
    Hope you're doing well, my lovely. <3

  2. Thank you :) And that was awesome. BTW this is PrettyWreck (Control). I can't trust my old blog anymore, so I had to start over.

    Dude, be careful with some stuff. And it's good you never want to try meth. REMEMBER THAT! It took me too long to break that addiction!

  3. I get attached to people easily, I wouldn't classify it as love. And I don't trust people easily and even if I do, it's never complete trust.

    I have two dogs and they don't bark at potential criminals or dodgy people, nope they bark at little children. Haha they're not the smartest dogs ;)

    I googled James Corden, haha I didn't picture him looking like that. The one picture I saw was him doing underwear shoot (fake one obviously, ripping off David Beckham probably). TOO funny :)

  4. Your dog sounds awesome. :D My friend's dog attacks the postmen as well, but she's huge and terrifying.

    Have fun with the acid, and be careful!! Always have at least one sober babysitter when doing hallucinogens, and remember to go to the bathroom! I've seen so many people wet themselves while tripping...



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