Thursday, 29 April 2010

Potential Bun In The Oven. Holy Fuck.

So I've been stupid enough to think that the pill is reliable. Well it is. Just not when I've taken laxatives the night before. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Hazel has a potential bun in the oven. And I have no fucking idea what to do about it.
I've also eaten shit today - nerves from a french oral exam I had today. My mood has been fucked.

So yes - yet another typical musing from a hypocritical teenage girl.

Selfish aren't I? (:


  1. i just text you but im freaking that im getting numbers and blog mixed up wouldnt wna text the worng person but OMG i shoulda said in the text morning after pill you still got time get on it!!

  2. Morning after pill! Find out bun status asap! Ha, good luck though :) and thank you for the comment! I'm so excited about getting back into blogging. Have to be sensible and concentrate on my exams for a while tho. They finish on the 28th of May, then I can get fully into getting skinny again, so I will be back here updating as much as poss from then :) stay strong til then! xxx

  3. everyone has said it, but...MORNING AFTER PILL!!!
    and yeah direct competition sounds good! and yeah we defo give each other support, and we can do fasts together etc.
    today i weighed,saturday is my weigh in day but i had such a crap day yesterday i had to know how bad i'd fucked up. i am now 135lbs. so you have an advantage :(
    but not for long me dearr ;)
    i fruit fasted today, and will do the same tomorrow. gonna weigh in on saturday.
    whats your plan? =D xxxx


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