Wednesday, 14 April 2010


My blogger is being an asshole and won't let me update my widget boxes to say I'm no longer a disgusting 137lbs.

The keys on my laptop keep getting stuck.

I have the biggest spot on my chin ever.

My period is horrific. Fucking pill was supposed to make it better.

Today I've had about 800 calories and it's only 15:10. Half a cup of cappucino, breakfast in a fucking cafe, and a milkshake. Fucking. Hell.

I'm worried that no one can post comments, or if they can then they aren't because they don't like me.

I don't have a set of working scales.

I miss my boyfriend.

I want a cigarette. I REALLY WANT A CIGARETTE.

My mum hates me. And she also thinks that she can dictate to me what I do and don't do. I screamed at her a few nights ago, I screamed that there are two people in a relationship not three. I also screamed at her that I'll be having sex whether she likes it or not. I told her that I don't care what she thinks because "I'm not living in this shithole next year."

I have to wait a whole year to move out.

I'm not going to do as well as my family want me to do in my A-levels. It's going to tear them apart.

I'm scared that no one loves me because I'm so selfish.

But most of all - I'm ugly. Inside and out. And I don't know what I should do about it.


  1. i get outta my shit hole in september cant wait!

    i think you look sweet and cute not ugly

    C is the only friend that knows he is one of 2 people i have encountered that lies do not slip of my tongue with ease i wanted in way to tell him cause i know im goin g crazy he started picking up on it so i kinda like manipulated him to guess then drunk at a party i was "well what do you think is up then" and he was like "it begins with a or b " i waa yeah he was "which W i went both he didntget how that worked he aked" why" i said i dont know he said" ok well you can speak to me look(shows deep cut on wrist so thats why he always has a watch ) i said thank you but ps i hate you then he laughed and well i was drunk so the next thing i remember is dancing and then turning round to 3 of the guys just in their boxers (they are unable to remain clothed when drunk)!

    long comment but i wanted ot explain right xx

  2. Things dont seem to be going so good.. :(
    Just know we (all of us here on blogger) are always here to listen, we love you

  3. You're not ugly and I love you.



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