Sunday, 25 April 2010

Well I'm Losing Weight At The Same Rate As My Sanity (:

Down 2lbs this morning. 134 (:

My dad took me to the carvery today. I'm guessing at least 800 calories on one plate, but it's okay because I only ate 200 calories before hand, and I haven't eaten since (don't plan to either). So it's all falling into place, finally.

I've been doing revision today, fucking french is going to be the fucking death of me (: But it's okay, cause as soon as I get my lovely grades I'm out of here next year! HAPPYDANCE. Let's all happy dance :D. FREEDOM!!!!!! Let's hope that life is going to carry on looking up. 

Slight problem though, in the form of what to do about university study. I'm thinking of journalism combined with a few foreign languages, but I'm not too sure. Cause my possible career choices are:

=>Owning pet shops
=>Being a journalist
=>Publishing my book (currently in progress)
=>Being a policewoman
=>Teaching english/a foreign language
=>Teaching english in a foreign country.

What to do? I guess I'll worry about that later.

Right now I think I'ma do my first poo since avoiding laxies.



  1. Love the wide range of career choices you've got going there haha - a policing pet shop owning writer perhaps? xxx

  2. we weigh exactly the same. well, i'm 134.8 but its almost the same. haha
    wanna race to 130?! haha ;)
    just joking.
    and goodluck in what you're gonna do in future.
    :) xxx

  3. do you never get tired of it all? do you never get tired of watching your weight? counting the calories? constantly looking in the mirror and saying "why the fuck wont that fat just go away" =/ i do.. i dont know where you get your strength from.. i hate my body. i weight 110lbs but im short (5ft3) so it's just ugly :(


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