Sunday, 26 September 2010

300 today.

ABC is kind of hard, but I remembered why it's worth it. Two days and I've lost 2lbs. But for some damn reason it doesn't seem like it's enough.

Sometimes I think it would be epic if everyone could see inside their own brains, because at least then maybe we could actually understand what the fuck is going on.

I miss the amount of people that have disappeared on Blogger. Selfish I know, because them leaving could mean positive things for them. But I still miss them.

So tell me my darlings, what're the plans for today?


  1. i miss them too.
    i miss when they disappear especially. without a trace, without a note or goodbye. and i hope to god that they are akay now.

    i have homework to do. 2 4 page essays due. i don't have the motivation watching dirty dancing instead, and the the lovely bones. whats yours?

  2. my plan is to make my face look less hideous [[i kid but i do need to fix it up]], physics homework, read the scarlet letter, shop, and drink green tea because it got cold and its good for you. (:

    congrats on the two lbs.

  3. i have to read it for school... so im not that excited, but ill try to enjoy it.

  4. baby baby baby. do you ever wonder why we keep ending up at the same weight? over and over again? losing and then back to that old starting point. are we not good enough? or is it our bodies telling us to stop fucking around and just accept ourselves. i keep wondering if i can make 120, at least, by christmas. i keep wondering if i can make 112, at least, by christmas. i keep wondering if i'll ever make 100. i can't work out why i can't be happy.

    i love you. i want to start abc. i know i shouldn't. but i want to, just so i can *prove* to myself something. i don't know what. this is bad, isn't it. i don't even know if i want to start abc. i want to restrict, though. maybe i should restrict.

    i wish my head didn't do this.

  5. it wasnt harsh; i know its true. and im doing wall so far today. but thanks for the comment it made me laugh. <3


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