Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Effects Of Ephedrine.

And niow to add another to the list of effects: I can't stop twitching.

Seriously. I can feel how increased my heart rate is, and it's as if I can't keep still. I love it. Weight this morning, exactly 130lbs. Not good enough. My lowest weight is 127lbs, I should be maintaining that. The laxatives I took last night are only just beginning to kick in, but I'm not too worried - I haven't exactly eaten very much.

I had a few chips at aout 5pm yesterday, and since I've had 250 calories in the form of a patty. I don't think I'll extend this any further tbh - I want to be 125lbs by the 14th of Febuary. That gives me 10 days.

And once again on the subject of laxatives, according to mother "nothing will come out until you put something in." She saw my laxatives and asked why I had them. My reply was that I hadn't taken a dump in 6 days. She thinks I'm too thin. I think that's bollocks: I'm not thin yet.

My boyfriend was hugging me today and felt my ribs. He asked me what "those lumps sticking out" were, and when I replied it was my ribcage, he looked horrified. Well it's not my fault really, he hasn't complained before.

I'm sick of faddy "ABC" and "2468" diets. Yes they may help others, but when I fail them I'm just left demotivated and binge-prone. I'm just going to do this my way.

Sorry for the random posts,  m'ladies - I'm just in that mood today! I'm annoyed cause I can'tread your blogs atm. Fecking school computers!


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