Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Random update on drug taking.

Well I have this problem. Yesterday and today I woke up at 131lbs. I know why. Yes I’m taking ephedrine, but I’m using it as an excuse to eat up to 1000 calories a day. Fucking disgusting. Well I’ve done something productive about it: I bought laxatives today. I’m not eating anymore today, and tomorrow morning I’ll also be eating as little as possible – 500 calories maybe?
Combine 500 calories maximum with 3 or 4 ephedrine tablets, and lactulose, and I think we’re in business! I absolutely have to be 120lbs – solidly – by the end of this month. And if possible, 125lbs by valentine’s day. I don’t particularly want to be a fat heffer when I lose my virginity thanks. Oh, I forgot to mention: apparently I’m fantastic at giving head. Yup, I broke that baby in last week some time. Can I get a Hells to the Yeah?
But back to the problem: ah yes, I’m fat. I’m extremely fat. Parasitic, in fact. Here’s a list of things I’ll be doing instead of eating:
·         Cutting out thinspo to use for my exhibition piece.
·         Finishing my book.
·         Writing lyrics.
·         Shower. [Yes, I seem to find this exceedingly difficult at times. Fucking depression.]
·         Random homework.
·         Get piercings [<< more news on this in a mo!]
·         Go and have my extremely hairy body waxed.
Yes, piercings! I’m getting my belly pierced, my tragus pierced on the same ear as I already have my industrial done, a piercing at the top of my left ear, and also a 3 or 4mm gage through the middle of my left ear – the plug effect is desired! Eee, I’m excited! My bitch of a mother has agreed for me to get my navel pierced, I just don’t think I’ll tell her about the rest.
Anyhows dears, I have to go take some laxatives and shower and what not. Lovee!

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  1. *high five for sexual explorations!*

    I actually showered today. LOL.

    Will be phoning you at some point tomorrow to explain the tragicness of today, and let you know about the ED unit people...

    Ugh. Oh, and also, I can book TRAIN TICKETS TOMORROW! YES! YES! Thank goodness for free university money :)

    Love you crazy turk.

    You're not fat.



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