Monday, 8 February 2010

He Found Out.

I'm not sure if y'all remember me mentioning Lorenzo in a post a few months ago. Probably not, it's cool cause I don't talk to him anymore. I hate him. He makes me so angry.

Back in December I failed to mention that I got extremely drunk at Grace's house. Lorenzo came over, and at some point he kissed me. The worst part is that I don't even remember the night.
I told my boyfriend last night. It came up in conversation, he asked me if I'd ever cheated. I didn't lie. I couldn't lie. Now he wont talk to me. Now I'm in pieces.

I haven't gone into college today. I need to get my threading done. I need to do a french essay. I need to revise for my french oral exam. I need to hide.

Yes this is an extremely selfish post... but I feel as if I'm being broken into thousands of different pieces. Sharp pieces. But I won't cut myself with these sharp pieces.

Maybe if I work hard enough, my boyfriend will trust me again. Maybe if I try hard enough to eat, to not self harm, he'll remember how much he loves me again.

But maybe I'm not good enough anyways.


  1. maybe you could try the well i was honest and told you route

    i really hope it works out just let him know how much you wish it never happened


  2. awww that's tough! I agree with raindrops though...tell him u just care so much about him that you had to be honest and that trust is really something you want to earn back:) I'm sory this happened :( stay strong little lady!


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