Friday, 29 January 2010

Fasting Friday - Continued Fast.

The last time I ate was around half past one on the 27th of January. Today's fasting friday too, so I won't be eating today either. I want to make it to Monday having not eaten anything.

I'm still on my goddamned period, but I've lost a few pounds - 129 now :). Hopefully that means that once I've come off my period I'll be even lighter? 

Not really sure what else to post, but I really am in the shittiest of moods tbh:

* The girl that got me through life has abandoned me.
* My mum won't kick me out. But she continues to make my life a living hell anyways.
* My dear friend needs a massive hug from me, but I'm not there to give it to her. Sorry J :(.
* I feel like an elephant.
* Depression is now worse than ever. I can't muster the energy to do menial things like shower. It's a battle with myself that I'm trying not to lose.

Enough of depressing you all, I'm out.


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