Saturday, 16 January 2010

Still fasting ^.^

Hey girlies (:

The last meal I ate was 350 calories, pitta bread with a tin of tuna. That was on the 14th of January :D. So far I have been fasting for 39hours 30mins. I'm going to see how long I can keep this going for.

The funny thing is, I only felt hungry for the first 12 hours; now it's just a dull thud. I can deal with that (: . I'm going out today at two, to eat with friends at nando's. I'm going to tell them that I was made to eat at home, and that I'll burst if I eat anymore! Then we're going to the cinema - extra large diet coke for me please :D. Mum's picking me up at 8, so I'll tell her I ate so much whilst at the cinema, I just want to go to bed.

I do love it when a plan comes together! And btw...


Yup! I have a new lw :D. Hi I'm Hazel, 127lbs and with a bmi of 19. How d'you do? :D

Fucking love itttt.

But yeah, I'm going to see Avatar in 3D - I've heard it's pretty good, is it? Oh and I'd love to hear from you skinnies about any fasting you've done, it sounds twisted, but it gives me the motivation to carry on! I want to be thinner than you :D.

I reckon I'd probably be 126lbs, if it wasn't for the fact that I haven't done a poo in a few days... Constipation! The attributor to ME NOT BEING 126LBS.

Think thin girlies, have a nice day :D. Twigs Can Fly!



  1. I have such a bittersweet proudness for you because I'm a massive FAIL. you're my motivation now lady! well done you

    avatar is amazing!! if really long, but still amazing xx

  2. Thanks for the comment. :)
    Good luck with your goal 125 by the end of the month, let me know if you need any support to help you get there.
    Stay strong x

  3. hey
    good gongratiolations for your new low weight.
    you are doing so good at your fast. i wish i could fast but i just end up binging.
    Avitar was so goos and the head man was so damn hot.

    WIsh you luck on your avoid food plan.


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