Friday, 15 January 2010


I'm still fatfatfat at 129, but I'm going to be 128 by the end of the day... EEE. I like being hypermanic, even though being bipolar is a bit bleurghh. I feel slightly dzzy from hunger, where I didn't eat much yesterday and today I plan on eating nothingness too ^.^

I have the distinct feeling that I'm going to faint... GOOD. It shows it's working. Told my mum about my boyfriend last night and she wasn't impressed cause I've hidden it from her for about 3 months. My reply? I tell you a hell of a lot more than most kids tell their parents. Fair enough it's a load of bullshit, but it's slightly true too :D

My skin's doing that slightly translucent thingy again and I quite like it: if I lean to the side my skin goes taut over my ribs, and you can see every single one! I mean, if I can do that with a bmi of 19.3, imagine what I could do with a bmi of 18 or lower :D

Beautiful bones (:

My mum shouted at me to eat dinner yesterday. That's how come I had to eat that pitta bread and tuna. Icky ick. I would have quite happily survived off of the 100 calorie bread slice and tomato.

FASTING FRIDAY TODAY. Don't eat. Mustn't eat. Tomorrow I'll be Thinner Than Yesterday (:

So long girlies, Twigs Can Fly!


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  1. thank you so much for your comment yesterday my system is already mostly wrecked so that didnt really bother me but thank you it helped today
    theres nothing as good as weighing less at the end of the day than you did at the start
    oh so good (makes mental note to self)

    good luck x


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