Saturday, 23 January 2010

New Plan.

Well basically, I am currently severely concussed. And in this concussed state, I have decided that extreme starvation isn't working for me atm because of the turkish people I live with that like to force feed me. Literally. 

New Plan! Fruit and veg diet. I don't give a fuck about the calories (they kind of sort themselves out), so long as I'm only consuming fresh fruit and vegetables. Seeing as though I automatically restrict, I think I'll be okay.

Tomorrow's food plan:

2 peppers.
Half a cucumber.
1 stem of celery.
1 apple.
1 banana.
1 plum.
Boiled spinach.
Raw broccoli.
Raw mushrooms.

I have absolutely no idea about which of these are negative calories, and how many calories the rest of these have. Help a Twig out?

I'll do this till Tuesday, then see if it's something I can continue without too much suspition from afore said "turks".

Fruit and Veg Diet.
SW: 131lbs.
S.BMI: 19.5 (grr)

I'll put this diet in the stats, and post of much weight loss it achieved compared to ABC (4lbs in 10days). 


NB. To those wondering how the hell I managed to get myself concussed: I smacked the back of my head against a concrete wall whilst gang-raping my boyfriend for a pen. :D.

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  1. I knoe celery is a neg. cal. food, not sure about the rest! You can probably google it though! That's a good plan, I think you will do great! Stay strong, and get well soon! :P


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