Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fasting Friday Ftw. I still haven't eaten.

It's been 30 hours since I last ate. And I don't want to eat tomorrow either (: My stomach is cramping, I feel tired, I feel weak. But I feel strong. Triumphant. I did it :D.

Today I have had... (drumroll please!):

2 red bull sugarfrees. 15 calories.
Milkshake. 100 calories.

I know I shouldn't have had the milkshake, but my dad wanted to get me MacDonalds. It was the only way ):Still though, nothing solid or excessive (:

I absolutely love feeling this triumphant! Hopefully I'll wake up around 127lbs tomorrow? That'd be my new low (: EEE. Excitement! Yeah 127lbs is a fuckload to haul around, but at 5"8.5 it would make my bmi 19. So there. ^.^

So hyperrr :D I shouldn't even be awake at this time but I've had a redbull sugarfree so weeee :D. It'll have slowed my metabolism thoughs, which is a nada. I'll just have to consume zero again tomorrow. Ooh, maybe I can make this a weekend fast? :D. NO FOOD TILL MONDAY. I hope ^.^ That would be fantastic, if I could do that! I'd probably make it liquids though, so that I could consume a low cal soup if forced. 

I don't care how I do it... I just want control. I just want perfection. And I'm going to get it, I promise (:

Twigs Can Fly.


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