Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hey pretties, sorry I haven't been posting ): My dad disappeared with £120 of my money, and my laptop cable. Laptop is now out of battery, and impossible for me to use. Figures. So I'm hole up in a lovely internet cafe not giving a fuck if anybody sees my postings.

I met up with Fliss (Felicity) yesterday, it was pretty darn fantastic! A day minus the eating, but with the added bonus of getting lost around London CONSTANTLY :D. A day of walking ftw. 

My uterus currently hates me. I hadn't had a period since the start of October... now it's back with a vengance, and as a result I am now a hefty 133lbs. Fucking ew. Bmi of 19.9, I hate it so much :(    I now have 8lbs to lose by the end of this month, and I swear I will do it. I'll be putting my measurements up again soon, I didn't actually realise that by changing my blogger background I'd lose all of the gadgets on the side :(.

Ah well. Hmm, what have I done today? Well I woke up, found out i have no college and promptly fell back asleep! Woke up at half 11 to the sound of my mother screaming at me, went downstairs and saw that my cousins had posted the coursework to me which I'd left at theirs. Saw how badly it's been snowing, and bought the guinea pigs inside (I have 6 now!!). Ate 75 calories worth of pineapple spears. Started Philosophy essay. Argued with mum. Tried to leave the house. She stopped me by telling me that I have to eat - my answer to that was taking a cup of soup with me and dumping it in the nearest trash can. F. T. W.

Yeah, so now I'm here and I have no idea what else to do! I've done my French essay (complete with research), and I'm basically trying to waste away some timeage. Boyfriend rang me and asked if I wanted to go to the cinema, but I know the pissy mood that my mum's in, she'll just get angry if I ask.

I FEEL SO FUCKING SICK. Grr. My stomach hurts, and it has that horrible acid-y feeling, as if I'm going to be sick or something. Wouldn't mind if I was sick actually, but I'm really not going to force it. At times I've wanted to, but I know that it isn't the right way. It's worse for my health, and I can't really exercise self control if all I'm doing is throwing up what I eat, eh?

Okies, well I'll find msn somehow, and also surf your lubbly blogs. I'm thinner than yesterday girls, remember Twigs Can Fly!


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