Sunday, 27 December 2009

200 calories after fainting please :)

I've been a tad ill today: migraines, wanting to throw up and such. So I didn't eat... I mean if you think you're going to throw up on empty, are you seriously going to make it worse by eating? No. Well then at around half 5, I was getting out of my car going into my nan's house and I just sorta... collapsed. I fainted basc. Got inside and she put me some food, salmon and veg - didn't eat much of it though, thank fuck. Definately under 200.

Weighed myself this morning, 133lbs. So I'd lost 1lb. I'll weight myself tomorrow morning too, and see if my sort of fast helped me achieve anything. I know I wont be noticabley thinner for college on the 6th, but doesn't mean I wont try!

Mum's jetted off to Northern Cyprus till the 2nd and Dad's been left to "look after me". So I'm looking after him ^.^ Yay me. Least it means I can get away with eating a hell of a lot less. 

Dad's finally letting me see my cousins! Y'all have no idea how happy I am about it - I haven't seen them in 3 years. Going down there on Tuesday.

Okay... not sure what else to write now... I feel a touch hyper though xD.


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  1. LOL I'm REALLY hyper too...once I find out I lost a lb or more. Also, I didn't understand...Why were you forbidden from visiting your cousins?

    If your really bored u can follow my blog lol n help me with my hair vitamin question =)


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