Tuesday, 22 December 2009

So Long To ABC

Well I've decided to drop ABC. I started it around 133lbs, and I finish it at 129lbs. 4lbs in 10 days isn't too bad, it's just that because ABC is so rigorous it made me want to binge more and more.

So here's my measurements as promised:

Upper thigh: 20.5inches    0 inch loss.

Lower thigh: 15.5 inches   .5 inch loss.

Bum:36 inches    1 inch loss.

Hips: 33inches    0 inch loss.

Waist: 25 inches   1 inch loss. 

Rib cage: 28 inches   .5 inch loss.

Bust: 33 inches   2 inch loss.

Inch loss since 8th December (14 days):   5 inches.
Mm, could be better. I'm pissed that I didn't lose from my upper thighs. I hate my upper thighs.

Okay, so the a few hours after I finished my fast I got piss drunk. Lorenzo was over. Not a good combo. He basc took advantage of me, and now he's saying that he doesn't know whether to forgive me or not. I am extremely confused as to what I have done... I don't even remember that night very well. At least I never slept with him.

Stuff with the boyfriend is going pretty fantastic now... We've become so close and sorted out all of our problems - it's still a work in progress, but we're both trying and it's working. I reckon we might make love soon (: He supports my weight loss too, so long as I eat a litte during the day, he doesn't get too upset. He says I'm perfect how I am, but what does he know eh? :D

News on the clothes front:
I now just about fit into my size 8 (US 4) shorts, but I need to lose about an inch more upper thigh, and some more off my hips and ass to feel comfortable wearing them out. Obv I still can't fit into my 6s (US 2) though, but I can just about get them up to my ass now. I bought myself a purple skirt from H&M today, its a lovely 8 (US 4) and it fits. But if I lose about an inch from my waist and hips and bum, then it'll look perfect.

I reckon I'm going to start setting some goals for myself too... Hey, it's New Years coming up soon, eh? Here we go:

Short term:
*Be comfortably within the 8 stone margin by January 31st.
*Be size 8 bottoms by January 31st.
*Lose a total of 9 inches by January 31st.

Long term:
*Be a size 6.
*Be no more than 25 inches on any one part of my body.
*Be a thinspiration.

Sound good?

Well ladies, I'm out. Think thin. Reject everything. Twigs Can Fly!


P.S. Lots of thinspo coming your way next post.


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