Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Stolen survey. Need to occupy time.


Your Favorites
1. Color: Purple and lime green.
2. Scent: Hmm, I like diesel for women ^.^
3. Mascara: Avon Curlacious.
4. Eyeshadow: I don't wear any xD
5. Lip gloss/Lipstick: Deep red or clear. Depends on what look I'm going for.
6. Beauty trick: Uhm..?
7. Song to sing in the car: Teenage Dirtbag.
8. Song to sing in the shower: Dido - White Flag.
9. Model: Agnys Deann. I can't spell her name - shit me
10. Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johanesonn. Phitt. And also the young Vin Diesel. Before he had too much muscle.
11. TV show: ANTM, Futurama, Eastenders, Scrubs.
12. Movie: I like most movies.
13. Author: The author of When Daddy Comes Home.

The Last Thing You...
1. Saw at the movies: 2012. Legendary movie :D
2. Bought as a Christmas present: A purple hat for my best friend.
3. Read for fun: Chobits :D
4. Watched on TV: Watching Mighty Heart now.
5. Heard on the radio: Fuck knows >.<

Right Now, It's
[ ] below zero
[x] just plain cold
[ ] sunny
[x] snowing
[ ] rainy
[ ] windy
[ ] overcast
[x] late
[ ] early
[x] afternoon

Your Appearance & Opinions
1. Your Eye color: Boringly brown.
2. Your Hair color: Dark brown once again.
3. A color you would like to dye your hair someday: Black blue.
4. Name someone who has sexy hair: Uhmm... Lindsay Lohan. The long brunette look was phit as.
5. Name someone with pretty eyes: Penelope Cruz.
6. Your favorite facial feature: My lips.
7. Name someone with the perfect pout: Kate Moss.
8. Your least favorite body parts:My bum and upper thighs.
9. Name at least one person who thinks you're attractive: My boyfriend (I hope)
10. The last compliment you received: Mum - you've lost too much weight.

Complete the Sentence
I feel sexy when... I know I've lost and people notice.
It makes me laugh when boys... Think they can do whatever the hell they like, then realise that I actually have self respect.
The funniest joke I've heard recently is... "What do you call a black guy flying a plane?   A pilot you racist."
The movie I'm really excited for is... Idk.
What I want for Xmas is... Gym membership - I think my mum's getting me one ^.^

You are...
[] overweight (BMI greater than 25)
[x] considered at a healthy weight (BMI of 18.5-25) My bmi is 19.2 I think.
[ ] underweight (BMI of less than 18.5)
[ ] bulimic
[ ] anorexic
[ ] trying to lose 1-5 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 5-10 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 10-20 lbs.
[x] trying to lose 20-30 lbs.
[ ] trying to lose 30+ lbs.
[x] unhappy with your weight/appearance
[ ] at your highest weight currently
[x] at your lowest weight currently   my lowest in two years.

You have...
[] lost your virginity
[x] binged
[] made yourself vomit
[x] abused laxatives
[x] had more than 5 shots in one night
[x] kissed a girl
[x] smoked cigarettes
[] smoked pot
[] done coke/meth/ecstasy/heroin
[] a tattoo (or plan on getting one)
[x] piercings in other places besides your ears
[x] gone skinny dipping
[x] watched porn
[ ] woke up not realizing where you were
[x] walked in on someone having sex

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