Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A New Day

Hey all, I know I promised thinspo today but I'm at my auntie's house and therefore not on my own laptop >.< But a good thing is that my auntie has put both her kids on diets, therefore I don't get odd looks for not eating much. It's 1315 and I've had a 100 calorie yoghurt ^.^

Dad's come round again, so he might be taking me out to eat. Eurgh. I'm feeling a smidge edgy, I haven't had any cigarettes in 3 days - be proud! Lol, I weighed myself this morning and auntie's scales showed me at 129lbs, but I'm not sure how accurate the scales are :( Going out tonight though, pubbing so I'll be active for a few extra hours and I'll be able to use the excuse of eating at the pub. It's Brother Ben's leaving do - I'm going to miss him :(

Hmms, well I shall go. Think thin ladies! Twigs Can Fly!


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